My First Writing Anniversery

   That's right! Roughly around today, I started my first book. Don't get me wrong, I've written parts of books throughout my childhood, and I told my sister stories for forever, but after I read Resistance and The King's Scrolls, I started my first serious book.

   I'll go through a rough timeline of the months. :D

   June 2015- I began work on Uncertainty
   August 2015- I began working on Project Z
   November 2015- I wrote the first draft of Awaken

   January 2016- I sent it off to beta-readers (I still ask why I sent it so early)

   February 2016- I started planning Superheroes

   April- I wrote three first drafts in 22 days, a total of 76k words.

   I just want to talk about my very first book. I had another blog, and when I read the first chapters I posted there, I cringe. It's horrible! It's clique everything I hate now, although the first chapter of the re-write is better. :D
   It was about this girl who was being forced into an arranged marriage, so she ran and became a bandit...Uhhhhh. She was tall, slender, dark haired, good at lying, what in the world? Blugh! I just did a post about girls in book, and this is a perfect example of what-not-to-do.
   Because I semi-like/hate the new chapter of the re-write, I'll post a snippet.

   Yeah, it's still not good, but it's better! There will be no snippet of the original, sorry. :D I thought about doing a giveaway for Resistance and The King's Scrolls, but I'm broke, so...:P
   But anyways! I am actually proud of how much I have improved!

   The writing buddies I've obtained, gosh!
   Most of them I met on the Jorum such as Alea, Sierra, and Faith Song, but others I met through blogs like Hannah. Alea's blog is one of my favorites ever! And we beta-read for each other, so that was fun! Especially cause her story is amazing! Sierra is basically my writing buddy for life, we occasionally do this:
   Rachael: *reads it* I LOVE IT!!!
   Sierra: .....RACHAEL!

   Sierra: *hides*
   Rachael: Write! More!
Yeah, she's amazing with giving me honest info, and we write stuff together! Faith Song is an amazing blogging supporter, we occasionally tag each other. :D

   That kind of wraps it up, I guess. Thank you so much for reading!

   For the comments, ask me a question or two about my writing or life or whatever you want, and I'll answer them in a Vlog Post next week! I may not get them all, but I'll try!


  1. Aw, isn't it fun to look back on how we've grown in different things? I tried my hand at my first book when I was eleven, and it was a complete plagiarism of the characters in my favorite book at the time. :P I've definitely improved since then, and my stories have become far more original.

    Ooh. A vlog? That sounds like fun. :D Here, let me think of some questions...
    ... for you, how has your Faith affected what you write about?
    ... why did you decide to try writing your first book?
    ... who do you feel has been a really good encouragement(s) throughout your love for writing?

    1. Yaaas! Totally, pretty sure Scarlett's my version of Katniss.

      Thanks! Very nice questions.

  2. You only started writing last year? Wow! That's pretty awesome! I started writing last year, and plotted my story after reading Resistance and The King's Scrolls......Wow. That's really....odd\cool. Seriously! Woah! Your more dedicated though. I still haven't finished a novel yet. I've just written a novella. (I'm working on three novels now though!)

    As for questions....
    What do you do to overcome writers block?
    How do you plan out your story? (Outlines, or plotpoints...ect, ect)
    Do you prefer to plan your story in notebooks, or on a computer?

    1. Yup! We're pretty much writing twins. :D Nice job!
      Good ones! *writes them down*

  3. This was such a fun post Rachael, I really enjoyed reading it! As for questions ...

    ... what has been the funnest part of your writing journey? what was the hardest part?
    ... out of all the characters you've ever written, who is your favorite?

    Can't wait to see the vlog!

  4. xD

    So, writing related questions...

    Coffee or tea? Or... something else?
    (That's totally writing related.)

    What's your favorite word?


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