Wrap it Up~June

                                                     Oh my goodness, I found a book exchange,
                                                               but it was full of romance novels, and yes,
                                                               there's bro skulking in the background.
                                                               Picture credit: Dear Dad.

   If I could sum up June in one words, it would be this one.
   Like, so hot, it's stupid. Hundred degrees hot.
   The only way to get rid of that would beeeeeee......
   It was hot and fun, really fun! I only got a slight sunburn. :P Then we climbed on like floating water pipes and ate...food. So yeah! It was really fun!
   This is going to be a short post because...I sucked this month. Yeah, most of the time I was freaking out over the conference. Yup, I might talk about that some, uh, *waves hands confusedly*
   Ok! We went to something called Movies in the Park where you go watch an outdoor movie! We watched one of my all time favorites...The Lego Movie!

   I love that movie sooooo much! It's the most "awesome" movie ever! Bana and I pretty much quoted it the whole time. *nods*
   And of course the conference! I am still kind of shocked over how amazing it was! Gaaaawwwwsh! I joined the forum for OYAN and...wow. It's really busy, like really busy.
   Bro and I also went to see CIVIL WAR! I mean, fiiiinally! And I took a picture next to the Jason Bourne poster.
                                                              That's a little blurry
   Remember when I told you I sucked this month? Yeah, that's all I have. But since it was sooo short, I'll throw in some stuff about my new story idea and what I've been working on.

   So at the conference, I brought four excerpts of my book and...read them...OUTLOUD! Oh my gosh, are you proud of me or what?!?!?! Anywho, they critiqued them and I edited the first one and the next chapter, but I think I'm going to edit them later, like all at once or something. Soooo yeah, that's been going, and then I had a new idea that I'm working on. Here's a basic rundown of my projects which you may or may not know anything or nothing about...
   Awaken- First Draft completed and now I'm doing the second handwritten, so that's interesting.
   Superheroes- Sort of kind of editing but distracted by my new story.
   Iris- First draft finished, pretty much done with it. *loooves it*
   Shadows- Also finished editing, and also #lovesit
   New Story- I'm calling it...Ha! Nope! No telling, but it was partially inspired by a certain series that I started...

                                               HARRY POTTER!
   Oh my great goodness freakin gosh! I loooove this series so much! We sort of casually sat down and watched the first one with my Dad, and that turned me into a rabid Harry Potter fan. Yes. I love it.
   We also got the free trial of Kindle Unlimited and I read all of the books in two weeks. Yes. You read that right. I read ALL of the Harry Potter books in TWO weeks. I stayed up late reading them, true, but still! My favorite character so far and forever more is Draco Malfoy! Heeeee's sooooo amazing! And yes, I took the quizzes, and I would stick the link in here, but I don't have it, so yeah.

   Which House are You In- Slytherin
   Which Death Eater are You- Draco Malfoy
   Which HP guy is your soulmate (like I believe in those)- Draco Malfoy
   Which Marauder Are You- James Potter
   I still have the last three movies to watch, but when I finish them all, it'll be so sad. *sobs* I am now a Harry Potter nerd. The charrie I'm writing for Camp NaNo is a Harry Potter nerd, so I'm pinning tons of Harry Potter clothes for her.
   Ok, so that about wraps it up, thank you so much for reading!
   I hate it when people ask how my month has been, I want to say, "It sucked, my stories sucked, and I'm tired." So instead of that, how has your writing been going? Do you read/watch Harry Potter? Do you know what house you're in? Any lake trips happen?


  1. My June was amazing, lots of writing + fun life things happened :). I finished the first draft of my novella, Killing Snow, that was awesome :D. And I LOVE Harry Potter! Mostly the books, I'm not a big fan of the movies though. Wish I knew what house I was in, but I haven't found a quiz for that yet. If you ever find the link again, do send it my way, because I would love to find out! :D

    1. Congrats! *throws coffee beans*
      YES THEY'RE SO AMAZING! I'll see if i can find it.

    2. *slips link in*

    3. Thanks, Rachael! Turns out I'm a Ravenclaw :D.

  2. Ah, but it doesn't like this month was, as you put it, "sucky." xD

    That conference sounds like so much fun. I really need to go to one one day if I get more serious about writing. :D

    And... um, *whispers* I really don't like The Lego Movie. *half hides* ;)

    Oh yes, Harry Potter. I am a proud Hufflepuff. ^_^ I greatly enjoyed the books but thought that some of the movies weren't very good. *shrugs*

    Here's to a great July! *raises glass* Are you doing Camp NaNo?

    1. :P
      ...You don't like the Lego Movie? *dies*
      My sister is a Hufflepuff, bros a Gryffindor, and I'm Slytherin.

  3. BOOK EXCHANGES ARE STILL A THING?!?!??! That is SO cool.

    Ugh, it was really hot here, too. After a very rainy beginning to the summer we are gonna ROAST on the 4th D:

    WELCOME TO THE HARRY POTTER FANDOM!! I need to reread the books because it's been years and I've forgotten book-only details. My Dad read them aloud to us in 3 months. But you're record breaks ours!!!! :O I can't say I'm a huge Draco fan but I might be if I read the books for myself again :) I loved Neville and I AM Hermione, except less outspoken sooooo *shrug* I feel so sad for people who don't read the series because it has magic in it, because the books are so much more than that. I understand that people don't like "good" magic, because the Bible condemns witchcraft. But magic aside, the themes of the book are so relevant and at times even Biblical. Now I MUST reread them :D

    1. Yes! They just need better books.
      Oh my gosh yes! It's sooo hot here, I'm like, "Crank up the air!"
      *high fives* Malfoy's awesome. And Neeeeville! Yeah, I understand where they're coming from, but still.


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