How Did My Camp Go?

   We did itttt! Oh my gosh, we just finished the best book in the whole worlddddd! *HUGGLES ALL DA CHARRIES* The fabulous Sierra and I did itttt!

   I was sooo emotionally involved with this book! The last three days were legit spent sobbing and crying, it was soooo sad! We would just cry and cry over these characters!
   Ok, here I will attempt to give you the basics of how my day went.

5:40 am: Wake up and flop about writing because I love it but I hate it and the feeeeeeeeeels!

5:45 am: Alarm goes off and I get up, go to the bathroom, perhaps venture to the coffee maker if Dad left early, then sit down. Read blogs, check email, flit to Pinterest and Instagram if I dare.

6:15 am: Sierra gets up, we perhaps discuss the strategy for the day. Open doc, begin typing. Perhaps if we're in a funny mood, we'll write a funny line.

7:45 am: My mom tells me to get off, I beg for fifteen more minutes and promise that I'll take a no writing break the next week. She agrees and I scamper to refill my coffee because #empty

8:00 am: I take a break, maybe twenty minutes, then I'll skip over to the computer again. Definitely listen to our ETACT playlist.

   11:30 am: By this time we both have to go for lunch, so I mope around for a while eating various

   12:00 pm: Now we both get on and proceed to write even more because we love this stooooory!

   3:00 pm: Now my mom officially kicks me off and we sob, but leave, having written usually around 4k.

   And that's how I write! Here are some of my favorite snippets!




   Thank you for reading!

   How's camp going for you? What's your story about? Which of the snippets was your favorite? (Feel free to drop one of your own. xD)
*this post was inspired by Cait's


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Camp! I did it for the first time, and I loved it so much. <3 My goal was only 20,000, but in my defense, I'm kind of sort of moving across the country and camping in real life right now and getting WiFi whenever I can. So yeah. xP

    What's my story about? *shuffles feet* Um. In a really bad few-sentence pitch, it's about a girl who lives amidst a group of rebels' frequent and stealthy attacks and assassinations - and then she finds out that, whoops, it's not the rebels who are doing it. In fact, there are no rebels. AND THE PERSON WHO'S DOING IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT. So she and the other characters have to try to prevent the disasters and prove that there are no rebels, WHICH IS REALLY HARD BECAUSE REASONS. So.

    What's yours about? Genre? Main character?

    1. Yay! It's fun! I sucked my first year, with a goal of ten thousand. *hides*
      It's about rebels's complicated...and the genre is...complicated...and I do have an MC! Kaya!

    2. Oh, well thanks. :) I actually left out a major part in my description: And through it all, there may or may not be another country taking advantage of the chaos and deciding to invade. ;) Which becomes the main problem.

  2. So cool! Wish I could have done more, but traveling took over my life.

    1. *nods* I hid and was Gollum all month. xD

  3. *laughs cause I got to read it and everyone else didn't*

    How could you get up at 5!?!?! I fear I would die!!! Also, I didn't see the snippet for when Chris asked Kayak to the dance! Where is dat snippet!? huggles Chaya*

    1. *grins*
      It's easy! Just practice and it comes naturally! *bursts out laughing bc you said Kayak* Dat snippet is on da doc. xD

    2. *cries* THAT WAS SPELL CHECK!!!! It wouldn't let me edit it. :'(


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