My Experience With Beta-Reading

   I've beta-read a lot, I now have a page for it with the links to the person's blogs and the name of the projects. I am currently on my fifth project, so needless to say, I've experienced several different projects. Today, I won't be naming names or anything, but I'll have a section on each project.

   1. Use Google Docs

   I was able to do this with two of them, but one I did via PDF and two on Word. It's hard, let me say. Commenting on Word is hard for me, but Google docs is easy, so now I just use Docs. It's a whole lot easier to do than writing about each little things because I can just point it out.

   2. If it's during a busy month...skip it.

   One of the ones I did was amazing, but I almost didn't finish it in time because it was during Camp NaNoWriMo, and it was hard. :( Yeah, so if it's going to be a long or busy month, then don't offer to do it, you don't want to have to go back on your word and be unable to finish.

   3. Don't have two projects.

   This can get hard and you don't have a lot of time to do other things. I would definitely choose one, but this is all up to you! Some people can handle the endless amount of stress and annoyance. *flops*

   I've also learned things that have not been satisfying and I will definitely apply to mine.

                     Beta readers are helping YOU!
   Beta-readers are doing you an amazingly huge favor, you are doing almost nothing for them.
   One project I am currently beta-reading, I actually had to search through the blog to find the form, it was 'hidden' in one of the posts under a tag.
   Um, no. You should be doing whatever you can to make it easier, not harder.  And also, cutting people...nope. Not all of your beta-readers will be able to finish it, so take all beta-readers.
             Edit for at least three months after writing draft before sending if off!
   I edited for one month after writing it and then sent it a dingbat. By the time I got all of the answers in, I was already planning to re-write, because it was just too soon! Wait before sending it off, pleeeease!

           Have a alpha reader!
   These guys are AMAZING! They'll tell you what to change before the big herd does. Eeeeeveryone should have one, and...*coughs* I'm one. *shoves link to credentials at you* But anyways, check around! Abi does them too, ask one of us, or if you have one, use them!

   I hoped this helped you, feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or just message me!

   Have you ever beta-read or had your book beta-read? Anything you would add? Do you need your book beta-read? (I can answer questions)


  1. *enters nervously and raises hand* Um, *coughs* I believe I would be interested in you as a Alpha-reader.....But...uh, I still have no idea how to use Google Docs. If you would be willing to put up with my all over the place writing, and tecnologically challengedness, I know you offered last night so.....

    1. Of course! I can help you with Google Docs if you want it, I'm pretty good with it. And please, eeeeveryone has a messed up oddness story, it's first drafts.

    2. I've gotten the Doc up, but how do I add people? (Also, do you Alpha read during when someone writes or after?)

    3. In the upper righthand corner, there should be something that says 'share', click it and type in my email. When it says send, click that, then click done. (Whichever you want, I can do both, although usually while it's being written, at least that's how I do it with others.)

    4. Ah, okay. What's your E-mail? (Which would work best for you. I mean, it's Camp NaNoWriMo this month and it will be busy.)

    5. ((Probably as, I work best when it's during the writing process. :P))

  2. Beta-reading is fun. :) I'm hoping to do it again in the future.

  3. Beta reading is SO much fun, I love doing it! And actually ... I might be needing my story beta-read in September. I'll probably put the official call for beta readers on my blog sometime in August ... if I'm feeling brave :D.

    1. It's soooo much fun! I'll definetly sign up, and I can like alpha read too, as another pair of eyes before sending it out.

    2. Is that an offer? Because I might just take you up on it :). Also, I want people to be able to beta-read my story on Google Docs, but I'm not sure how to get my story onto Google Docs?

    3. Yup! Use the contact thingy on my sidebar and I can walk you through, plus discuss stuff.

  4. Ahh, I totally agree with these, Rachael. :D Beta reading's something I do like to do, but when it's 1) too hard to get involved with 2) way too much work 3) in the middle of my crazy life 4) etc., the joy totally comes out of it. Bleh.
    Nice post! ;)

    Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages

    1. Thanks! Yeah, when it's busy, it's really hard.


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