Wrap It Up~June



   So to start things off, we've been doing a lot of ministry with our youth group, and bro, Logan, and I have been deeply involved in Modern Warfare again, sometimes it's three of us, sometimes just two, but either way, I'm getting some awesome battle skills.
                                            Classic peace signs...xD Are those the faces
                                            of three master players? Nope, that's the face
                                            of a writer going through withdraw of my
   NaNo was totally awesome, let me just say! My victory picture from the day we finished was of me making cookies, but when we actually finished, I was crying and hugging my mom and telling Sierra that I was crying and hugging my mom.
   I have never connected that well with any other book! I love the characters so much! I love the plot so much! I love the playlist so much! I love the Pinterest board so much! I love everything and OLIUSDEJHILSDKLJSJ<JLK!
   This is a pretty boring month...again....SORRY! And I didn't even like get obsessed with a series, so I can't even like fangirl and stuff. I did read though! I've started thinking maybe I should talk about how reading and writing went this month for me. Since this is a book and writing blog...
   I've become obsessed with this song! It's so pretty and amazing!

    Listen to this song and fangirl to me because Tyler's voice+Ukulele+Heaven and angel harps.
   I actually read a lot this month. xD I went to the library book sale, so that helped. THERE WERE SO MANY PRETTY YA BOOKS WITH PRETTY COVERS THAT I WANTED TO BUY BC PRETTINESS!
   This book...I'm trying to make it through, but...I can't! When they started trying to resurrect people...and there's this wizard tournament, so it feels like they're trying to be Harry Potter and NO ONE CAN BE HARRY POTTER!
   I got this one and!...and...it's the second book. Oh dear, I have to go buy another book...*sniffles* #sorrynotsorry
   I got it from the library and actually liked it, all except for the Insta-love, that was really dumb.
   And now I realize that I has no pictures of the Thief Lord and the Deathly Hallows...I apologize peoples, but here's their cover!

   SHE WROTE THIS BEFORE INKHEART AND *FLAILS* IT'S AMAZING! If I could give you the spoiler without giving the people who don't want it a spoiler, than I would...but I was unhappy with one character when we found out the truth about them, and no it wasn't anything bad, just kind of...bleh.

   This isn't my picture, but this is exactly how my book looks, it came without the dust jacket. *shoves the source at you*
   I also won a perfect copy of Allegiant at my library! It's sho pretty and the top of my shelf is fuuuuull! That means I have to move to the next shelf, which...my bookshelf is complicated. The top shelf is my favorites, next one is kind of like, "Meh" books, the next one is empty, and the last one holds my Nancy Drew's and old mysteries, which I may be selling off soon. 
   I don't have as many books as I should, I bought eBooks for forever because #broke and #theyrecheapersodontjudge.
   You pretty much read about my writing in the last post, but I has a surprise! I'm going to post one of my shorter (21k) stories on Wattpad! Yay! It's really cool, actually. Most of the time I hate first drafts, but this one was awesome! Check my WIP page for Iris.

   That's it guys, thank you so much for reading!
   Would me posting a Wattpad story be boring or no? Do you guys read Wattpad? What books have you read lately? Did you read any of the ones I mentioned?


  1. Sounds like an epic month! :D I think a Wattpad storywould be fun.

  2. oh, like the pic of the typewriter ;)
    -Mic from Mic's Room (https://lovelypinkduckshome.blogspot.com/)

  3. Fab photos! I've rediscovered my love for reading this Summer, I think school takes over so much sometimes you forget a book that isn't about chemistry or the evolution of history exists! I don't actually have wattpad, but I've heard it's a good way to share your writing. :)

    Lauren ♥ | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Thank you! Yes...School is pretty hard.
      I love Wattpad, it's awesome!


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