5 Common Mistakes That Writers and Film Makers Make

   Let's be honest, we read something in a book and then go use it. I've done it before! It's when we read it, and then we don't research it to make sure it's true. Here are five mistakes that I've read in books and movies that would have been avoided if they had just researched.

   1. People shoot with one hand

   Haha, nope. When you shoot a handgun you would use both hands for more control and to make sure that no one grabbed it out of their hand. I cringe every time I read this because IF YOU HAVEN'T RESEARCHED IT, DON'T WRITE IT. Pleeease. Because when you've actually shot a gun, then you notice those things.

   2. People can shoot a SHOTGUN or AUTOMATIC gun with one hand.

   Where are they researching this stuff? A) Please look at point 1 and replace handgun with one of these, and B) I would love to see one of you guys actually try this. Let's just say you'll probably end up getting hit in the face with a gun. It'll jerk back and there goes the fun, trust me. When the gun recoils, maybe you'll write it differently?

   3. When a boy sees a girl he doesn't get quiet or awkward

   Let me tell you, if I read this in a book, I will probably put it down unless you have some other super cool element. Because I hate when authors say this. It's not true, at least for any of the guys I've met, and I have a brother. I knowwwwww.

   4.  You don't pull an arrow or knife out of a wound

   Because if you did that, you'd probably bleed out. Better to keep it there until you can bandage it. When people just pull it out I'm like, "Ahhhhh noooo what are you doiiiiing?" It bothers me sooo bad.

   5. History

   I watched the movie Risen, and don't get me wrong, it was an amazing and epic movie, but...arg! They used Poseidon! Romans would not have used Poseidon, they would have used Neptune. Poseidon was Greek, pleeease learn your mythology.

   That's if for now! I may have a second part coming later.


  1. These are good points. :)

    And yes, you're definitely right with the first point. I'm guessing hardly anyone is able to shoot with one hand. (and if the character is just a protege at marksmanship, then that would be cliche, I'd think. :P) I found this nifty little guide here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/459085755741484105/

    Ohhh, I didn't catch that in Risen! You're smart. :P And right. It WAS a really good movie, though. (and did you catch that Lucius is Draco Malfoy? xD)

    1. Thank you! Yes, that bothers me.
      Bro actually caught it first! I was like, "Ohhh" AND YES I DID YES YES YES I FANGIRLED SO MUCH!

  2. Most of these are good points... xP Not all of them are entirely acurate, though. You actually CAN shoot a handgun with one hand, it just takes more skill and control. There are people who can do it, it's just easier with two hands.

    Aaand my older brother gets quiet and awkward around girls... I think it just depends on the guy.

    But YES. Don't pull the thing out of the wound, okay? Your blood is supposed to remain inside of you, people!

    1. For the most part, people shouldn't I guess. We actually watched a movie last night and the girl held the gun with one hand and BOOM someone pulled it out.
      xD I guess it does depend, none of the guys I know get awkward.
      YAS YAS YAS!

  3. *coughs nervously at 3* THE CUTENESS OF IT DO! *squeaks and flaps hands*

    BUT IF THEY WOULDN'T PULL THE ARROW OUT, IT WOULD LIKE CUT UP DERE INSIDES AND BE ALL YUCKY!!!!!!! *cough cough* Ash *coughs* Personally, I would rather be bleeding profusely than have something cutting my insides up....Though preferably neither....

    1. I'm ok with like one guy, but when ALLLL of them get super awkward, it's sooo annoying.

  4. Awesome post! Number one especially.

  5. THANK YOU FOR THIS, RACHAEL! *makes notes*

  6. oh oh yes, I learned so much about guns from reading Steelheart from Brandon Sanderson, because it actually went through and detailed things about how to hold a gun and how hard it was to get good accuracy. Like in the movies they shoot handguns and hit the targets spot-on? But according to Steelheart that's really hard, if not impossible, to do!! So I learnt a lot there and I could tell it was really well researched. XD I just keep the details out when I'm writing guns because I've never shot one hhahah. Ahem.

    Omg boys get all goofy and loud when a girl is around. >_> I HAVE A BROTHER TOO AND I KNOW AS WELL.😂 Although I do suppose there are boys that would get shy/quiet because there are all types of personalities in boys too.😂

    1. *nods* I have several friends who are huge gun people, and I shoot occasionally, so I learned about that.
      YAS! There are SOME boys, but it's so over used and with people who have like the personality where they would just get goofy.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! It's always great to know what's actually true and what's not! I'll have to make sure I have no quiet or awkward boys....;)

    1. You're welcome! And there can definitely be quiet or awkward boys, but it just needs to match up with their personality, if they're naturally ok with new people, girls shouldn't change that.


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