Facts About Me/Truth and Lie Game Thingy

   So the epic Nadine Brandes has done two now of these things, ten truths and two lies. Since this is my 100 post I thought I'd do something super awesome, she here it is. First, I will tell you ten facts about me, then I will list ten short ones, and you has to pick out the two lies.

   Fact 1: I am a really fast reader.

   I'll be honest here though, most of the time I'll go back and read and be like, "...Wait, she has a brother?!" xD Just kidding! It's not that extensive, but I do miss some stuff, so it's better to read slowly than skim. (I don't skim, FYI, I just miss.) But I read both Dare and Deny in like one afternoon! Let me just say, I was damaged after that....

   Fact 2: I love the band Twenty One Pilots

   Honestly, they're so epic, it's hard not to like them. Ride, Ode to Sleep, Holding Onto You, Fairly Local, the Judge, Polarize, they're awesome! Plus dah band members are super funny, just look at my TØP board.

   Fact 3: I love Hamilton

   Ok, so some songs are kind of bleh, *coughs and looks pointedly at Say No To This* BUT SOME LIKE SATISFIED AND NON-STOP! *flails* My only problem with them is the language. Most of the time it's pretty low-key, but occasionally they'll have something really bad like an F word.

   Fact 4: I am obsessed with coffee

   Literally I drink coffee every day. I have my own coffee maker. I have several favorite mugs. I can drink so much coffee it's not even funny. HAZELNUT CREAMER IS DA BEST! Anywho, Hannah and I are coffee flopper buddies.

   Fact 5: I'm a hider

   Yes, I'm one of those writers. Literally I could stay in my house for days, surviving off of fries and coffee. My parents get worried occasionally, especially when I say I just want to stay home alllll day. If I could just write with Hannah and Sierra all day, I would.

   Fact 6: I hate board games

   DON'T KILL ME! I like Monopoly, but most board and card games I hate. APPLES TO APPLES IS AWESOME! I like human games like Psychiatrist, Mafia, Killer...so all da scary ones yeah. I prefer interactive to board and card games, though I do love Scrabble.

   Fact 7: I will spend tons of money on books but not clothes

   My mom literally said, "You cannot go to the book section until you pick out clothes." I told her, "I'll just wear dust jackets!" I mean, who needs clothes? Just get books. Wear books. BOOKS ARE BAE.

   Fact 8: I am totally obsessed with music

   My mom gets worried because if I can, I'll have music on all. Day. Long. ALL DAY! Music is also bae. In my last post, I gave you guys my August playlist, check it out!

   Fact 9: I am addicted to French fries

   Seriously, we all have food fandoms, Cait=cake, Katie Grace=pizza, Johnathan=sour patch kids, Rachael=French fries. DA POTATOES WITH SALT ARE AMAZING! I can actually make really really good fries.

   Fact 10: One of my biggest bookish pet peeves is folded pages bookmarks

   AILASDYW*UE WHYYYY THAT'S WHAT BOOKMARKS ARE FOR! IT'S LIKE MURDER! Seriously, if it's a school book, go for it. If it's a normal book DON'T DO IT! Use a normal bookmark please! IF NOT YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH BREAKING AND RUINING DA BOOK!

Ten Truths and a Lie

   So basically I'm going to list ten simple facts, and in the comments, tell me which two you think are lies. I'll tell you if you got them right or not on Monday in the comments.

  1. I have a dog

  2. I enjoy very few heavy metal songs

  3. I like running

  4. My nickname is rayray

  5. I rarely stay up late

  6. My favorite genre is fantasy

  7. I have signed copies of Dare and Deny by Tricia Mingerink, and A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes

  8. I love fantasy YA romance

  9. I am fascinated by spinning objects

  10. I have tons of ink joy pens

   Thank you so much for reading!




  1. Welcome to the Fast Reader club!! I can read 4 Narnia books in an afternoon...if I'm not doing anything else.

    Never heard of them. Now I'll have to check them out.

    Well I don't know much about Hamilton besides the fact that my sister Melody goes around singing the songs and getting them stuck in my head which is very annoying because I don't know the words so I can't sing them!

    I'm not obsessed with coffee. I'll have cappuccino's sometimes, but I prefer hot chocolate.

    I'm kind of one, but not usually because of writing. It's because I'm reading a good book. Then I have mom storming through the house yelling for me because she has something for me to do and I can read later.

    I love board games!!

    Same here!! I much prefer books to clothing!

    YESSSS!!!! Celtic music. Oonagh's music. It doesn't worry my mom.

    Yessssssss!! French fries forever!! I am obsessed with potatoes period!! I LOOOOOOOVE them!

    Yes! Or stickers on books. I always pull off the stickers. And dust jackets. If I am reading a book that has a dust jacket, I always pull it off and tuck it away until I am done with the book. They drive me crazy.

    I'm going to guess the lies are #2 and #5.

      Ohmygosh yes, stickers! And when people write their name in the book...WHYYYYYY?

  2. FRENCH FRIES YES. tell me you've dipped them in chocolate frosties before. you have, right??

    Just taking a random guess here but I think 2# and 5# just mighttt be lies. that game is so much fun in real life tho. JUST STARE AT THE PERSONS FACE UNTIL THEY CRACK. xD

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. I did that like three days ago! IT'S AWESOME!
      Yes! It's so much fun in real life!

  3. FRENCH FRIES. And I agree with the dipping them in chocolate frosties. SO GOOD. And I love ANY kind of potatoes, really. :P

    You hate board games? Aw, that's too bad. :( I love board games. <3 Though Psychiatrist and Mafia are epic games as well. :D

    I... don't like coffee? It's shameful, really. I LOVE THE SMELL, but the TASTE is pretty awful to me. Ugh. *shudders at memory* ;)

    Okay... *scans list* You said at the top that you were going to give 15 facts, and that two of them were lies. You only listed ten facts and then said that only one of them was a lie. :P So... I don't really know how many lies to guess. But I'm gonna go with #8 and #3.

    1. *headdesks* I totally messed up on the number of facts. Sorry!

    2. OH OH OH I'm going to change my answer... you've always said you don't like sports... so I assumed that writing counts... and you complain about not liking YA heroines, so you WOULDN'T like the romance, I'm guessing... BUT you also love staying up late, I thought?? Man, I can't guess. I think I'll just stick to my other answers.

      *asdflljalj* THIS IS SO HARD. xD

  4. I feel like #5 and #8 might be lies? Not sure though ... HMMMMM. *can't wait to find out*

    I LOVE COFFEE TOO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAKJSFHLKWEUFHAWEUFHAWEIUFHAWE. THE SMELL AND TASTE IS SO GLORIOUS. My whole family is pretty healthy, so we don't get creamer, but I just figured out how to make a REALLY AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND /HEALTHY-ISH/ MOCHA THE OTHER DAY AND I'M SO HAPPY. All you do is put a teaspoon of cocoa powder, a scoop of xylitol (plain sugar would work too, but not as healthy), a splash of vanilla extract, and half and half! IT IS GLORIOUS. *sips mocha* *yes, i am drinking coffee right now. like a boss*

      I love coffee so much! BUT I'M SICK TODAY SO I CAN'T HAVE COFFEE RIGHT NOW AND I NEEEEED IT! My mom hates that we have creamer, but...*grins and pats Dad's head*

  5. 5 IS THIS LIE! Do I get a medal or some thing now? *beams with pride*

    AND AMEN TO ALL OF THESESEE!!!! *squeaks* I ADORED THIS POST SO MUCH! I don't like board games either, but Ticket to Ride and Monopoly is an exception. MAFIA IS DA BEST GAME EVVVEERR

    *runs around room and screams for no particular reason besides I loved this*

      xD *pats your head*

  6. I'm a fast reader two! *high fives*.
    ...not doing to good at these guessing games, but I'm going to say 3 and 5.

  7. I know which two are lies, but I won't give it away! (Gogi)

  8. So... I'm guessing the lies are 3 and 5. ^-^ I like these games, even though I'm not very good at them... xP

  9. *guesses three and five*

    At first I thought the facts were going to have lies in them, and I was so confused because I thought, "well, these all sound so TRUE." :P

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. xD Nope, only the bottom ten. The top ten are totally true...or are they...I could have totally been making this all up...O.O

  10. I think #5 and #8

    Omw, yes. FRENCH FRIES ARE THE BEST! I love French fries. My mom makes really good homemade fries *craving French fries now* Uh.. well... don't like coffee, I can read sort of fast, but I always get antsy after sitting still so long because, ya'know, A.D.D.... TWENTY ØNE PILØTS <<33 LOVE THEM. OMG yes, I hide, too. I would seriously stay in my bedroom all day if I had a tv and a fridge. Music is bae. It runs in mah blood. <3 SERIOUSLY, THOUGH, WHY DO PEOPLE DO DOG-EARS?!?! I hate it!

    (Also, not sure if you noticed, but Anthe beginning you said you'd like 15 true facts, and then 10 true facts and 2 lies XD. But you listed 10 and then 10)


    1. (Oh, wow. Typos. I meant "at the beginning, you said you'd list 15 true facts...")

    2. DOG EARS ARE DA WORST EVERRRR *pulls hair out*
      I did notice, sorry!

  11. *is very bad at this game* :D

    Okay, I guess 8 and ... 2? I have no idea XD.

  12. Ok! Actually, 3 and 6 were the lies! I do not like running at allll, and YA romance is bluch, if you add in awesomeness, it's cool.

    1. Your favorite genre isn't fantasy? o.o

    2. Ah, but I said that I loved YA fantasy romance, which I don't. I love fantasy!

    3. *chokes on coffee* EXPLAIN YOURSELF! IT HAD TO BE FIVE!

    4. Uhm... #6 is "my favorite genre is fantasy." xP

    5. *flops* I am so sorry, 3 and 8 are the lies. I'm super tired today, I'm...*headdesks*

    6. .....Oh.....*head desks* I have no idea how I didn't catch that *groans* can I revoke my guess than and change it to eight? *grins guiltily* CAUSE I LEGIT DID THINK IT SAID YOU DID STAY UP LATE! I is not lying! *grins innocently*

    7. Yay, if it's #3 and #8, then I got it right! :D

  13. oh oh I LOVE your facts!! And I totally relate to #1 like a ginormous amount. I don't skim either, really, but omg I sure do miss stuff.😳 Like even the book I just finished, I went back to re-read chapters AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. HAHA. Ahem. I am actually a better auditory learner than visual, so I would be 100% fine if I only listened to audios. (But they take so loooong.)
    OH YES TO FOOD FANDOMS. 😂 I am proud queen of the cake fandom, but I will concede that french fries are truly glorious and delicious.
    And yes to being a hider!! Basically you are the most relatable bean of ever. XD

    1. Yas yas yas! xD
      French fries are da best, and I am da Empress of Fries.


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