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   Most writers I know listen to music while they write. In this post, I'll be sharing some of my favorite writing music along with dropping some of my Spotify playlists here.

   Ha ha, so by now I've realized that to share some of my favorite music, I have to drop the playlists first. SO HERE YOU ARE YOU MUSIC FINATICS!

   This is the playlist that I listen to when I need to get into the dark mood. I'm like 99% sure that the songs are fine, but if you hear anything, let me know!

   Pretty much these are my favorites for this month. Most of them are fine, but I do have a couple Hamilton songs, and they have a little language, but you can skip over them.  Also, Mansion by NF is pretty dark, still good, but dark, just a heads up.

    These are random songs that I can't quite place...It's actually pretty cool! There's no language, and I'm pretty sure they're all clean, but again, just let me know.

   This one's big for me, guys! This is actually private, I don't release my story playlists until I release the story to be read, so really only Flicker should be out, but I don't have a playlist for that. So here is the Superhero playlist!

   That's all, I know it was short, but technically if you listen to all the songs it's like super long. xD


   Who's your favorite band/singer? Do you music while you write? What kind of music do you listen to?


  1. I... don't listen to music while I write? *hides face* It's shameful, I know... 'cause I really love music, like, A LOT, but. I do sometimes listen to it beforehand to get into a certain mood, but I usually like silence and concentration when I write. :P

    I really do need to sign up for Spotify, though. Is there any cost to anything at all? (asking because of all the writerly and new-house-and-room and new puppy stuff I need/want to get, and I don't want to become a broke watermelon. xD)

    1. xD Nope! It's totally free, although ad free and offline streaming costs stuff.

  2. So cool to listen to your music lists. Didn't know Spotify could do that.

    1. You just click copy imbed code and imbed it in your blogger, it's pretty awesome!

  3. I HAVE SPOTIFY! AND I KNOW SOME OF THESE SONGSSSSS!!! *goes to SCUFN and listens to them again*


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