Wrapping Up the Year

  The year...what even...how even...It seems like the year just flies by every time and I’m just left in the dust. Actually, almost every year, I feel like I failed.
  That’s one reason why I don’t do resolutions. We resolve to do this thing and then when or if we don’t, we feel like  a failure. I know I do, but if you don’t WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?
  I set goals instead, and guess what?
  I accomplished all of them.
  I had ten goals for 2016.
  1. Read 50 books
  I read 75, a nice compromise between Goodreads and my personal goal.

  1. Write 100k
  I wrote wayyyy over this. *nods* I wrote 80k in November alone, plus 76k in April, various projects, and many many many words with my writing buddies.

  1. Finish 2 books
  By myself, I wrote two novels. Superheroes and Red King.

  1. Make one new writing buddy
  ‘Ello Hann and Faith

  1. Make one new blogging buddy.
  The fabulous Jonathan, Hannah, and Savanna.

  1. Win NaNo
  Yup! Ok that sounded wayyy to chipper and happy for NaNo.

  1. Win 3 Camp NaNo’s
  Apparently there’s only two...SO I DIDN’T REACH THIS GOAL. THE HORROR.

  1. Beta read 1 book
  I beta-ed many many books, and they were all so very fabulous!

  1. Review 5 books
  Yup! Check my Goodreads, or my blog, either one. I have some on both.

  1. Drink 100 cups of coffee/tea
  Not going to prove my addiction...

I also have awaaards!

  Ray Ray's Blog Choice Awards!

  To change it up a bit, we’ll have categories instead of straight up first through third place.

  Most Inspirational: Ink Blots and Coffee Stains

  Most Looked Forwards To: A Writer's Faith

 Katie’s posts are so stinkin happy! And informational, but still happy! The pictures, the conversation, just all the yessss.

  Most Laughed At: Fishing for Ideas

  JONATHAN HAS THIS THING CALLED HYSTERICAL HUMOR. THE GIFS. THE WORDING. JUST YES. I will literally read it and be dying with laughter. It’s fabulous.

  Best New Blog: Paperfury
  Cait here is all of us. She posts the best bookish posts, and I just laugh the entire time. She’s soooo stinking funny. AND SHE REPRESENTS ALL OF US WHO HAVE HUGE TBRs.

  Ray Ray’s Book Choice Awards

  Most Cried Over: Hands down, A Time to Rise won. There’s one part of this book that every time I talk about it I start crying. THE EMOTIONS. THE DRAMA. THE FEEEELS. WHY. Just wHY. Nadine Brandes, you has done such a fabulous job with this series.
  Most Re-Read: This one was a hard one to pick, and I wish that I could give it to the whole series, buuut Half Blood Prince won this one. J K Rowling wrote this AS EVERYONE KNOWS and my cinnamon roll Draco was so cinnamon rollish. I’ve heard this one get a lot of flack for being a big drama with no plot, but NOOO IT HAS A PLOT AND A FAB PLOT.

  Most Anticipated: Very easily, Defy by Tricia Mingerink. I bought this book after I read it for the blog tour, and JUST ALL THE HEARTS ITS SO AMAZING GO READ IT OMW.

  Last up, the thank you’s.

     In no particular orderrrr…

  Mom: You’ve been the best writing mother ever, real mother too! But with writing, you've done so much, including paying for me to go to my OYAN conference, and allowing me to rant to you about my books. <3

  Gogi: You’re such an amazing grandmother, and you take an interest in my hobby profession. When you let me talk about my books, that helps sooo much. <3

  Shelby: My real life writing buddy! You’re an inspiration to be as a writer and friend. Thanks for spending NaNo night with me and eating a ton of sugar and coffee. XD We had a fabulous time.

  Sierra: Gah! This month was the first year anniversary of us being writing buddies, and I wouldn't’ have it any other way! You’re so encouraging, and the stories we’re writing together are so amazing! <3

  Hannah: Gurl, Sierra and I literally dropped you in the deep end of writing with people. BUT OUR CHARACTERS ARE FABULOUS! You’re so amazing and you inspire us allll. <3

  Mary: My sassy, stabby ninja assassin drug lord wingman. Although we kill people, I have fun, and our conversations are glorious. Thanks for helping me torture my brother and letting me advise you about yours. XD

  Hann: Thank you for letting Emma and me adopt you as our cousin! You’re such a fabulous human being, and your critiques on RK are just <3 along with your fangirling.
  Emma: THE BESTEST COUSIN IN THE WORLD. Thank you for calling at night and hissing at me for twenty minutes about Red King. YOU’RE THE BEEEST. I LURVES YOU COUSIN.

  Logan and Will: You guys deserve a box for putting up with me. Even though you don’t believe that I’m an assassin, we shall change that.

  Just...guys, this year has been amazing. I can’t even begin to describe it. Some people are complaining that it was a bad year, but for me, it was a reallly good year! I met amazing people, I grew, I matured, it was a reeeealllllyyyy goood year.
  Thank you all. <3


   What were some highlights from your year?


  1. EEK I'M CRYING TEARS OF JOY RIGHT NOW. (okay maybe not QUITE but I can say that over the internet and nobody will know, right? ahem) I'm super thrilled you enjoy my blog though!! :D And omw yes Hannah's blog definitely does win most inspiring, hands down.

    1. YESSS KEEP ON HUMOURING and yes hannah's blog <3

  2. Cool! You got a lot done which is great! It's nice to see people who have a positive view of this year, especially because it wasn't that bad of a year.

    Well I did something crazy and shared a sneak peak of a book I'm writing

    1. Yesss i love doing sneak peaks for my books.

  3. Oh goodness *hides face* You're so stinkin' sweet! I'm so happy that my little corner of the world served to bring you some light in the daunting days of nano. This just makes me so happy ican'twurdz. And YES FOR JONATHAN'S HUMOR HAAAHA. I always have to laugh when I bop over there. And Katie's and Cait's blogs are just so wonderful. CONGRATS on completing your goals for 2016!!! I especially approve of the coffee one ... ;D

  4. Awwww, thank you so much for mentioning my blog! That makes me super happy. <3 And Hannah's blog is just the best, isn't it? She's so sweet. <3

    It was fun reading this! Now I'm curious on whether you drank 100 cups of coffee or not. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Thank you for blogging! And yesss her blooog.
      xD I did. I totally did. I think i averaged around six or seven hundred cups.

  5. Awesome post, girl. XD Aww, yes, writing buddies! *high five*

    Wait...you keep track of your coffee intake?!

    1. Thank youuu and yes...yes I do...generally...

  6. AWWW RACHAEL <333
    I have no idea where I'd be without you, or any of my new internet buddies. Seriously!
    SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED FOR ME THIS YEAR. I started seriously writing in March, accomplished BOTH camp NaNo's, ALMOST finished NaNoWriMo (just 5k off), and pretty much established myself on the internet. Like, looking back a year, my life has changed so much.
    I'm so thankful for ya girl ;)
    (Omw my comments on RK *face palm* obviously I'm a bit invested lol)
    I look forward to continuing our friendship! :D

    1. *hides in shame because I'm late*
      Seriously I know right? Internet buddies. XD AND YES YOUR COMMENTS <3

    2. Nah, it's fine lol
      I'm usually terrible at follow up replies ;)

  7. I love that you reached all of your goals! :D I really like your blog choice awards. I totally agree with all of them, especially Fishing for Ideas. Jonathan never fails to make me laugh. :)

    1. Thank you! Yussss Jonathan's blog is fabulous.

  8. Awesome reaching all of your goals! *gives you candy* The awards are awesome!



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