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About My WWII Novel

  A year ago I would have shuddered at the thought of this word. It was a nightmare, a trap, a pit of information. I'd never fall into it, never ever ever. I'd stick to fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, an occasional adventure...
  What is this word, you might wonder? Historical.   Think of all the facts, the mistakes I could make, the *gasp* research I'd have to do! I couldn't ever write a historical. I wasn't a history major, what did I know?   That isn't the point. *pets smaller Rachael*   So today I'm going to tell you about my book that I'm writing with Sierra and Hannah! WOO HOOOOO.
  Ok, first up, Liza! (I have pictures...^-^)
  She's sixteen years old, and she's a spy in Germany! Very complicated story behind her being the one to go, one involving her dad's death, but she did go. She's posing as the daughter of an SS officer, one who's supposedly been going to school in America. Her job is super simple, she's supposed to A) not…

Painting a Canvas

Everyone has something special about them...
   Honestly I can point you to so many blog posts that tell you this in words much more eloquent and entertaining then mine. Everyone else posts on this topic, and don't get me wrong! This subject is sooo important! I just don't think I'd be able to tell you what you need to know when so many other's can.
   Because that's not what's special about me.
   My gift is not eloquence, guys. It's really not. If you've been reading my blog for a bit, you know I tend to be more fangirlish and crazy, not inspirational. Hannah's inspirational, Katie's inspirational, but that's not my colors.
   That's not what I can add to the canvas.
    (Some people may know where I'm going with this.)

       So my colors, my specialty, is moods. That's what I would say. I can match a playlist to moods, and then write in that mood. Today, I'm going to give you some songs for some moods! But this is fo…

How I Edit

Ok, so normally I would post a wrap up for January, but...
   I didn't do anything in January.
   Not. One. Thing.
   So insteaaad, here's a post on how I'm editing my book Red King (which I just started the second draft of! Woo Hoo!) (Also on an unrelated note, I'm writing the intro on the desktop and I keep double tapping the space bar to put a period...#hazardsofswitchingfromaniPadtoadesktop.)

Print the book   So I printed out Red King, and I was happy with it! It was wayyy bigger than expected, but it included the comments people put in there, so that made me happy. ^-^ There’s room for sticky notes, and the print’s nice and big, so all in all I love it. I had two copies printed, one for my cousins, and one for me.
  (You get pictures in my native editing room. ^-^)
  2. Go through and make sticky notes.   Most of these notes are serious, such as “re-write this, cut this, CUT ALL THIS CRAP”, and some of them were more motivational such as this one.