About My WWII Novel

  A year ago I would have shuddered at the thought of this word. It was a nightmare, a trap, a pit of information. I'd never fall into it, never ever ever. I'd stick to fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, an occasional adventure...

  What is this word, you might wonder?
  Think of all the facts, the mistakes I could make, the *gasp* research I'd have to do! I couldn't ever write a historical. I wasn't a history major, what did I know?
  That isn't the point. *pets smaller Rachael*
  So today I'm going to tell you about my book that I'm writing with Sierra and Hannah! WOO HOOOOO.

  Ok, first up, Liza! (I have pictures...^-^)

  She's sixteen years old, and she's a spy in Germany! Very complicated story behind her being the one to go, one involving her dad's death, but she did go. She's posing as the daughter of an SS officer, one who's supposedly been going to school in America. Her job is super simple, she's supposed to A) not die, and B) gather what information she can about the SS and Nazi's.
  One small problem...
  She meets a guy. Two to be exact, Stefan who's a huuuge Nazi supporter, loves the HY, etc, and Will, someone who puts up with her because they're friends now.
  So with the first draft, this was the biggest problem. According to the emotions our characters were giving us, Will liked Liza, Liza liked Stefan, and Stefan liked his puppy. This was not going to work out, according to my brother. Somewhere a line had to connect.
  Stefan and Liza ended up connecting.
  They didn't, though. I mean, sure, they were cute, but their best scenes were the ones where they weren't allies? That didn't seem right to me.
  Draft two came around and PANIC ATTACK PEOPLES. WE PLOTTED THEIR CHARACTER AND SIERRA SAID "I'm not forcing them together if they don't mesh". I had to agree, forcing is never good.
  But my OTP...
  They got 1000% cuter. They did. THEY DID. THEY'RE SO CUTE. HERE HAVE A SNIPPET.

Screenshot (101).png
  Three things about this, a) her talent is legit tripping over flat ground. she has so much talent with this. b) Sierra informed me that while she was kidding, he wasn't, and c) shh yes I know this was a whole page.
  Now let us all go put flowers at Sierra's grave, for I have killed her for saying b).
  Also here's a picture of Stefan, enjoy.

  Shhh, yes this is from a group picture, but it’s my favorite that I’ve ever seen of him. *sniffs* If you squint it clears up. ^-^
  Ok, next up, Will! Willll, Will is so precious. He has eye trouble and wears glasses and loves food. He's an orphan, a fourth Jew (but he's hiding this as long as he can), and he is pretty in awe of the fact that since Liza is an SS officer's daughter, she gets coffee. Unfortunately, Hannah ahs informed me there is no changing the fact that he likes Liza, and that's pretty depressing.
  Here's a picture of him and his puppy he's adorable.

  My favorite part of this book is Stefan and Liza's relationship, I'll admit this. The thing is she was in this bombing where she was in a basement and the pipes busted, so the room flooded. Ever since then she's hated the dark, open spaces, and water. She legit tunes everything out to focus on one thing when she gets scared.
  Stefan's attachment to her can be told through these heartbreaking messages sent by Sierra. Go thank her.

  At first they were tottttally crushing on each other. To her he was solid, someone she trusted, and hawt. To him, she was interesting, unique, and set apart.
  And now they keep each other together. *wipes tear* She can hold his hand and not trail her fingers along a building trying to find something solid to focus on. *wipes many tears and tries to pretend like I'm not crying*
  So this is my WWII novel! Visit the other human's blogs, and Hannah just did a post on the book!

  Thank you for reading!

  Have you ever written a historical before? Which historical time period is your favorite? What genre do you stick with?


  1. Oh my word, this sounds sooo good! I really like that snippet, Stefan and Liza are super cute. <3 <3

    1. They arrre they're so cute! I usually am not a fan of dating in books but they're sooo cute.

  2. AHHHHH!!! Like I said on Hannah's blog, THIS SOUNDS EPIC! Just the whole idea, the characters, EVERYTHING!

    I write only historical, pretty much all WWII, and . . . I stick with historical. ;) I've got dozens of WWII stories started, and some of them finished. I just ADORE the WWII time period!!

    And yeah, these people sound adorable! I want to read their whole story. It sounds so amazing! I think Stefan is my favorite character. xD

    1. THANK YOUUU! Stefan's my favorite too...*hacking cough* I mean wahhh, I don't pick favorites...

  3. YOUR STORY IS GOING TO BE EPIC, oh good gracious. I basically never read any historical fiction but OH BOY will I scramble to get my hands on this one if (WHEN) you guys get it published. And your characters sound like they are the bestest ever! I ALSO LOVE STEFAN'S PUPPY. Just saying xD

    AND you should do more posts about your stories - and not just this one! I love hearing about what you're writing ;).

    ~ Savannah

    1. If we don't publish it anywhere, I'll be sure to send you a copy! (And it's Will's dog, I didn't put a pic of Stefan's up here. XD)
      Will do!

    2. OH GRACIOUS - I meant Will, sorry xD. And YES send me a copy if you don't get it published! I want to read this thing SO BAD.

      ~ Savannah

      (oh wow, I meant to paste my blog link under my name and almost posted an overview of EVERY CHARACTER from Killing Snow's sequel instead. That would have been highly embarrassing and highly spoiler-y xD)

  4. Why am I not surprised that your teens are drinking coffee? :? I am so proud of you for venturing out with a historical novel. Way to go, girls! (Gogi)

  5. WOW THIS SOUNDS EPIC!!!! I've always been fascinated with history, especially after living in Europe. I have written a medieval time period novella-but I'm probably going to turn it into a fantasy. My favorite genre is YA Christian fiction.


    1. THANK YOU! Ooh, that sounds interesting! I love medieval.

  6. *squeals* I can't wait to read this. It looks SOOOOO good. And most likely heart breaking XD
    *paces back and forth until I get to add your book(s) to my shelf*

  7. This sounds AMAZING!!! :D *squeals and runs in circles* Gimme da beautiful thing!


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