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   Ok, so normally I would post a wrap up for January, but...
   I didn't do anything in January.
   Not. One. Thing.
   So insteaaad, here's a post on how I'm editing my book Red King (which I just started the second draft of! Woo Hoo!) (Also on an unrelated note, I'm writing the intro on the desktop and I keep double tapping the space bar to put a period...#hazardsofswitchingfromaniPadtoadesktop.)
  1. Print the book
  So I printed out Red King, and I was happy with it! It was wayyy bigger than expected, but it included the comments people put in there, so that made me happy. ^-^ There’s room for sticky notes, and the print’s nice and big, so all in all I love it. I had two copies printed, one for my cousins, and one for me.

  (You get pictures in my native editing room. ^-^)

  2. Go through and make sticky notes.
  Most of these notes are serious, such as “re-write this, cut this, CUT ALL THIS CRAP”, and some of them were more motivational such as this one.


  3. Create an outline
  I did do this, but you don’t get pictures of it. ^-^ Spoilerrrrs. Anyways, I go chapter by chapter, and since a lot of the book has to do with insanity on both main characters part, I put a note at the bottom of the chapter outline that tells me how much and what kind of insanity to put in there.

  4. Get alpha readers
  I asked my writing group, and a few people who are in another writing group, if they wanted to alpha my book, and I have nine alpha’s now! Still looking around for one or two more, but these guys are amazing. They catch so many things, and they’re so encouraging. Sometimes they’ll say something like “you’re a writing master” and I just like fall off the earth. It makes me so happpppy, and I know I’m definitely no writing master, but it encourages me to think I’m doing well.

  5. Edit the thing.
  For this one, I’ll just hand you a snippet because I’m lazy fabulous like that.


  Thank you so much for reading! <3


  How do you edit? How has editing been going for you? (Or writing if you’re writing right now). Tell me your secrets on how you do alpha-beta readers...



  1. Great post! The cover of your book is so beautiful. :D And your snippet! OMW it's so good! LOVE <3

  2. I just wrote a long comment and somehow managed to erase it. The short version is that I'm so proud of you for committing yourself to excellence. One reason I only write short stories is that they are easier to edit!

    1. Thank you, Gogi! <3 xD Your short stories are amazing though.

  3. How exciting!! I'm so glad this worked out for you. And I find it cool that the beta comments are in your finished/printed draft. o.O

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

  4. I NEEDED THIS POST OKAY?! *huggles it* Sticky notes are a fab idea, something which I started doing after reading this post. Alpha-readers! *beams*


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