Camp Update

   I've participated in two NaNoWriMo's, and two Camp NaNoWriMo's, and I've won every time. Met my goal before the last day. Had fun during it, even.
   This month I failed NaNoWriMo.
    Now before I go on, I'd like to go ahead and say that I don't believe you can fail a NaNo event. You can fall short of your goal, but you can't fail. I didn't "fail" per say, I just discovered something.

   I was going strong in the beginning. Started out just like everyone else. But then I realized something.
   I hated my book.
   After reading through a few blog posts, and emailing the fabulous Nadine Brandes for help, I decided to put it aside for a while. Work on something else.
   So for this short post, I'd just like to say that if you're participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, you've already won. You did the thing. You may have won already like a few insane people have done, you may be ahead in your word count, or you may be behind. No matter where you are, you're a Camp Winner.
   *at this point Rachael realizes she's sounding like a millennial who thinks that everyone's a winner*
   Also, update, I HAVE FOUND A TV SHOW TO BINGE ON. After The Man in the High Castle fail, I found a new one. It's one I've been eyeing for awhile, but I'm not an alien fan.

   I WILL MARRY BEN YOU GUYS. He's sweet, considerate, selfless, and EPIC.

   Ok, seriously, that's all.


   How is Camp going for you guys? Are you behind or ahead? Do you have any funny Camp stories/conversations? ALSO IF YOU HAVE A SNIPPET YOU WANT TO SHARE SHARE IT.


    Sorry, my family's kind of obsessed with Inside Out.

    But good job realizing that your book wasn't what you needed to be working on. It makes complete sense. I get it - I really do.

    And that show sounds really cool.

    Camp's going okay for me. I'm doing a snippet post on my blog at the end of the month so that should be fun XD

    1. :P
      I'm glad its going well for you! You got did!

  2. Congrats on being strong and setting your book aside for the time! Best wishes, Rach. <3


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