Well I'm back to blogging for the time being, so let's see if my fingers will follow my brain for the next few months. xD
   So today I'm talking about my Speculative Harry Potter Fanfic that I'm doing for NaNoWriMo! (Look how brave I am doing a fanfic for NaNo.)

   This Tumblr post on Pinterest, actually! It's long, so I'll just slide the link here. But I've always been a fan of the Slytherin house (being a Slytherin), and I've been frustrated with the lack of details on it. BUT NOW I AM SOLVING THIS HUMANSES.

   My novel is about a Slytherin girl who has to decide which she's loyal to: her friends, her house, or her convictions. Caia and her friend use illegal magic (since by the time my story takes place magic has been banned), and she thought it was all cool until her friend starts using it to hurt people from the other houses as a revenge thing. But why should she defend the other houses? They hate Slytherin, they've bullied her for the three years she's been at Hogwarts, and they tell her she's evil anyways. Aaeden, her friend, has stood up for her and all of the Slytherin's as long as he's been at the school.
   She has every right to use the magic to hurt them back.

   I have a handy dandy collage!


   So as the main character, we have Caia who is a fourteen year old Slytherin girl. She's smol, adorable, and really sweet. Unfortunately, her return to Hogwarts is wayyy worse then her entrance, and she figures out just how badly the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw's have taken over the school. She loves Aaeden (as a friend since he's way older), and can be pretty evil when she's with him. 

   Aaeden, however, is straight up horrible. He's an angel to all Slytherin's--pretty much the cutest thing ever with the first years--but if you happen to be a Mudblood or any other house, you're on his blacklist. He uses illegal magic, some of which was illegal before and some of which he's created himself, and doesn't hesitate to threaten anyone who happens to find out or witness him hurting someone else.

   I usually do character charts and plots and everything, but this year I did a lengthy roleplay with a friend, and that's basically it. It worked, though, and I recommend it 12/10.

   MAGIC. RE-WRITING MAGIC. and slytherin stuff of course but MAGIC.


   It takes place in Hogwarts which is essentially a glorified magic-studying school. 
   The Shrieking Shack may have something to do with it. 
   Much of the story is in the Slytherin common room.

   It's a personal goal, really. Caia wants to find out what she really stands for, and who she really is. Is she a Slytherin who listens to what people say about them? Or is she a human being who'll save anyone, despite their house? Unfortunately, her best friend keeps getting in the way of that.

   She'll find what she actually is, although that's a spoiler. ;)

   My theme is that no matter what people say about you, you're the one who controls what you are. 

   Thank you so much for reading, and keep an eye out for snippets! I'll be posting weekly updates about NaNo on my YouTube (hopefully), so subscribe to that, and I'll post a snippet or two or six here on the blog as a wrap up along with some fun pictures from my week! Also check out the Pinterest board. ;)




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