Why I'm a Reylo Shipper

   I saw The Force Awakens for the first time, and by the end, I knew three things. One, I was in love with Star Wars yet again. Two, I loved Kylo Ren to death and he was my child and ioheioasdilawdil. Three, I WAS NOT A REYLO SHIPPER.
   So how did I get from wondering why in the world people were shipping these two enemies to a hardcore Reylo shipper? Let me tell you.


   *Disclaimer* SPOILERS WILL BE SAID.

   In TFA, Reylo was not healthy. They were trying to kill each other, and he was using her for his quest. There could be an argument made for Kylo thinking that he was fascinated by her, but the point remains that they were enemies.
   In The Last Jedi, they're no longer enemies.

   Both Kylo and Rey are lonely people. They grew up without love, essentially. They were nothing. Rey collected garbage, Kylo trained for people who were never satisfied. So when they start to care for each other, it's a whole new experience. It's addictive to them, having someone who cared about them.

   They want to help each other. Even as she was rejecting his offer to rule the galaxy with him, you could see the hate on their faces. The hatred wasn't directed at either of them, however, but at the situation. That they were on opposite sides.

                                                        me trying to push Reylo out of my life

   They care about each other. Kylo and Rey both took the effort to assure each other that they weren't alone, that they were there for each other. Rey crossed the galaxy for him, and he killed his master to protect her, taking on multiple guards to make sure she was safe. Whether or not they end up together, they cared about each other enough to risk their lives for each other. 

   They're stronger together. That fight scene was literally one of the best scenes of my 2017 movie experience. They had each others backs, and they had a common cause to fight for. They were even synchronized in their movements, going between fighting their opponents and helping the other person. 

   Ah ha! You thought I was just talking about Reylo, weren't you? Well I had a second part planned this whole time, and that part issss *drum roll*
   Why Reylo and Steza are similar.
   If you're new, I'll direct you to this helpful post that'll explain who Steza is! And while the newbies read that, the returning humans can view this precious collage I have put together of Steza.

   And now to the list!

   Both Steza and Reylo met as hurting, lonely people. Their intentions were different, sure, since Kylo was hunting Rey and Stefan was simply a school friend of Liza's, but when they met, they were both in pain. Once they found that they felt safe with each other, there was no going back from there.

   They care very deeply for the other person to the point where they let down their walls. When one feels alone, the other immediately rushes to make sure that they know they're there for each other. Each one gives of themselves to make sure the other doesn't feel alone. 

   They're one tempting the other to cross the line. Kylo is the dark side, tempting Rey, the light side. Stefan is (unknowingly) the Nazi tempting the Ally. There's a constant underlying battle of  "will they cross the line" through the book/movie.

   So I hope you enjoyed this post, and even if you aren't a Reylo shipper, that's ok! We will convert you soon.

   Have you seen TLJ? ARE YOU A REYLO SHIPPER? Which is your favorite Star Wars movie?



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